Parenting Is Not For The Faint Of Heart Or Queasy Of Tummy

Sometimes being a mom really stinks! Today is one of those days. My kidlets are hurting and I can't do a thing to make them feel better.
The two littles went to the oral surgeon and had some teeth yanked- not just the easy pull- and the mini-diva woke up during the procedure. They gave her another shot, but OMG OUCH!!!
Thank God for Ken. He took them and is even now running to get their meds. Yes, I know, earlier I bitched about the ex and my excellent (NOT) judgment, but I have to say I did okay this time around, as the girls say he more than makes up for the first screw-up.
This is one of the few parts of parenting I really have a problem with. Give me good old rebellion or the no no no or mine mine mine or teen angst any day. Those I have coping skills for. I can hold it together during a real emergency but I am such a wussy weenie I about passed out... or puked. Ken had to carry the mini-diva in from the car and she was crying.
I have to say though, that even though they hurt her, even though she woke up and moved and they gave her a few unnecessary jabs her manners are so ingrained that she kept thanking them. Whoever says manners can't be taught in this day and age is full of it. She also apparently treated them to a couple of songs from Forbidden Broadway, which amused them greatly I am told.
The littlest miss is faring a tad better as in her drugs had not quite worn off before we got more into her. (Ken made it back with their oxycodone.) She's reading now- they are both in their beds resting and my ears are on alert so I can run if they need me.
Oy I will never get this post done. Had to go running because the girls each need at least one dog with them... and Miss Kitty thinks she has to bully the others- she didn't want to lay but she doesn't want them to either. None of us can stand seeing our girls hurting.
On to something happier- have had some more happy mail the last few days... a few more prizes came in-
The Dark Knight Soundtrack; Oprah Tote which included: Bright orange zippered tote that folds small, another tote green, bottle Wishbone Bountifuls Salad Dressing, Dove Cream Oil body wash, Neutrogena mineral sheers powder foundation, Eucerin everyday protection body lotion, Aveeno sunblock lotion, Estee Lauder advanced night repair complex, Lancome paris mascara, Clarins Paris younger longer balm, several samples and trial sizes of make up and food and a coupon for a free Contessa convenience meal; Lucky Max Factor Prize Pack which didn't have everything it was supposed to but had a few things of eye make-up and a Magic Bullet Platinum Pro 20 Piece Set.
I know I am going to sound like such a dork here but when I was in the hospital I can't tell you how badly I wanted a Magic Bullet. Night after night it was that or exercise infomercials. I could not eat or sleep for days at a time so I tortured myself watching it over and over. Of course that was when things were a lot tighter financially and really I have enough appliances to get by (err more than there is comfortably room for to be honest) so there was just no way to justify getting one.
Kyra got a Magic Bullet for Christmas this year and she loves it- keeps telling me I really need to get one. She uses hers mostly to make up smoothies for her and the grandson in the mornings. I considered, I debated, I kept putting it off for some reason. Apparently this is the reason- I would have just gotten the small one in Target and it was meant that I have the super-duper deluxe model.
I can't wait to try this baby out- and since the littles will be needing some soft smooshy foods, the timing was absolutely perfect. Poor babies are hurting now... how long before those dang drugs kick in already? I wish I could take their pain for them.
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