I'm melting! & Jump!Zone

I totally feel like the wicked witch from The Wizard of Oz. Not because I am so mean (this time) but because I want to go around yelling
I'M MELTING!!!!!!!!! I'M MELTING!!!!!!!!!
Whew it is HOT out there! Really, we're wilting from just running in and out of the car. Had fun and got the monkey boy all tired out though so that's what matters.

We just had a Jump!Zone open here so Dev and I went with Ki and Ian. Fun and they only charged for one ticket since Ian is under two. They only charge for one adult with a child under two, but since we had to pay for Devii they didn't do the adult charge. It was $7.58 with tax and it's good for all day- you can even leave and come back, so not too bad.

The kids say the winner is the Pirate ship- it has the best slide, but the E-dude liked the thing with the balls best- he's obsessed with balls. Dev kinda liked the giant gumball machine, but I think that was because she's a sweethound more than that she thought it was the coolest thing there. We left after Ian got knocked over by a bigger kid. Total accident, but the little man was ready for his nap.
We hit Subway on the way home- the $5 footlongs are a pretty good deal, and since this Subway happens to be in with TCBY Ian and Dev split a cotton candy fro-yo while we ordered. Poor little tyke was so tuckered out he fell asleep at the booth. But 30 bucks for 5 subs, 1 drink, 1 chips (naturally I forgot the gazillion coupons I won for free chips) and a fro-yo is not too bad, I think- especially since that will be 2 meals each for us. Best part- no dishes and no mess to clean up! Yay!!!!! I love cooking but when it is this hot out I am not fond of exerting myself too terribly much from mid-afternoon on. I'M MELTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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