Characters welcome

Is anyone else glad to finally have some real tv to watch again?

I know how pathetic it seems but we are really happy to finally see some new shows- thanks USA. Honestly, now we can keep track of what day it is by something other than hovering the mouse over the time in the corner of our computers. I love USA's tag line- characters welcome. Yep, makes us feel right at home.

Thursdays we watch Burn Notice- if you haven't seen this show it is on our MUST WATCH and dvr list. They have a lot of contests going on now and I am trying to win the boxed set of season one. Michael Westin was a spy and his own team burned him and we're just now finding out why. The setting is Miami and the show moves right along.

Fridays we have Monk- think OCD former cop trying to make it as a PI. He can't be a cop any more because he couldn't save his late wife and he can't get past that. He's in therapy and has a personal assistant who is really more of a partner. It really is funny and moving.

Following Monk is Psych- okay this seems like it should be terrible and it is... terribly clever. Shaun's dad was a cop so he doesn't want anything to do with that, but he notices things and can solve crimes, it's what he does well, so he pretends he's psychic and helps out the PD. His partner Gus is his boyhood friend and kind of gets dragged along for the ride.

Corbin Bernsen (Arnie from LA Law waaaaaaaay back in the day) is his dad and they have a screwy relationship and just this season they brought in Cybil Shepard as his mom and he is just finding out that everything was not his dad's fault.

House used to be on after that- not sure what happened there- heard it was on a network now or something but we never remember to look.

Anyhoozles, we're glad to have something new that we like to watch on tv. Now when Brothers and Sisters comes back on we'll be all set.

Know any other good shows we need to get hooked on?

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