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Being sick stinks. Being sick over summer vacation stinks even worse. That is what I am dealing with now, a house full of sickos, including me. Whatever we have, it is lingering and not wanting to go away, so we have been total slugs. Not seeing much of Ian lately hasn't improved my mood any either. I miss my boy!!!- even though he is several handfuls.
Ken's sister and brother-in-law are visiting his mom with the nieces and nephew and of course we don't want to pass whatever this bug is to them so haven't seen them since the graduation party. It would not be so bad except Andy is in the USMC and they are leaving for Okinawa soon. He did his stints in Iraq so they got to choose this post. The girls are totally jealous and hoping we can find some way to get over there while they are stationed in Japan.
We are of course totally grateful to him and all of our troops and their families that dedicate their lives to our freedom and safety.
I have been entering some contests, though, when I have felt like sitting at the computer. That is good since I've been kind of letting them slide. I probably entered a few hundred over the past few days. Not many to some, but quite a bit for me.
Dev had won a Spiderwick Chronicles set a while back on an instant and that came in- along with the box set of the series of books in the trunk and PC game, they also sent a coupon for a free Lunchable since it had taken so long. I said maybe we can pick one up for Ian and go on a picnic when we're feeling better. She was CRUSHED. Almost 15 and she still loves her lunchables. So I said okay, we'll get you that and buy one for the little man and she has to chime in oh sure love him enough to buy him one but I gotta have the freebie. I can't win!!!
Got a few other wins in the last couple of days- gum, chips, xbox live codes, Esprit code and repelle haircolor shield. This is totally cool since my kids LOVE to change their looks and Dev is not the neatest so next time she colors (she is thinking purple with black tips for either her b-day or back to school) we'll try it out and let you know if it really does keep the skin from staining... it looks like a glue-stick you just slide around the edge of your face at the hairline.
Got some freebies in as well- lady things (hahaha you should have seen how Ken was when we first moved here he would DIE before touching a box of tampons- now we tell him we need lady things and he can actually buy them), a couple kinds of cereals, Crystal Light to Go, Viva paper towels, toothpaste, deodorant and a couple other things.
I will post hopefully later some of the sites I use to get the freebies at, I figure in this economy we can all use all the help we can get. I know the little things all add up for me and I would rather get the most for my time/money that I can.
Have a fabulous Friday, and while I am very good at sharing, I am keeping my germs to myself so you all can enjoy your summer. ;)
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