Rambling, RAOK, thanks.

I am so excited about how many people are entering my little contest. I know some sweepers aren't into the blog contests, but I think they are a great way for smaller sites to get the word out and since I have won from quite a few of them myself, they will always hold a place in my heart.
It is especially gratifying to me to read the kind words, especially those who think my advice is useful. It won't help you win, as this is a totally random contest, but it makes me happy.
I might just have a suck-up contest next time, though. Seriously. Maybe whoever says the nicest thing about my blog will win. ;-)
Of course, you can't discount the fact that I also do RAOK's at times, mainly from the message boards I read. I have several friends who do the same, and just recently was the recipient. Donna has a site and she very generously made a banner for me to use on OLS and to put up here for if anyone wants to have a link to my site in their sidebar, which I will eventually figure out how to do. Really, I will. If you ever need graphics done, check out Donna's site, I was going through it earlier and she has done some incredible work!!! None as nice as what she made for me, but I admit I can be slightly biased.
Unfortunately, my techie geniuses (aka kids living at home) don't blog and don't seem to be very interested in helping me figure this out. I know they want to chillax for this first part of summer vacation but enough already, mama has a blog!!! I think, considering that the extent of my knowledge of computers used to consist of email, chat, contests and message boards I am doing pretty well.
I'll blog more when I actually have something to say, but for now I just really wanted to thank everyone who has been entering and everyone who has been reading my blog. You are much appreciated.
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