It has been brought to my attention that it's difficult to know who the heck I am talking about because I use so many nicknames, and not always the same one for the same person. Well, yeah, it's what we do, and my mom did it before me and so on. It is an expression of love (or sometimes exasperation) and meant always as an endearment. So while it may seem odd to you, it is perfectly normal in my family and we all do it. If you want to try to keep up with who I am talking about, here's a rundown of some of the more common names we use, but the list is by no means complete.
I am: Mom, mommy, mama, silly mama, mummsiekins, MOTHER, mommy salami, momther, hon, babe, hey you, sweetie, dovie, hey gorgeosity, pretty lady, crazy lady with two trees, sher, cranky witch, the meanest mommy in the loonyverse, head dictator of the loonyverse, mrs. goofus-doofus, goober, meanie, or fun-sucker, depending on who is talking. Oh, and Ian calls me gigi. ;-)
Ken (my husband) is: dh- and d does not always stand for dear, you man you, grouch, the best stepfather ever, crankypants, hon or grandpa ken
Dawn LaVonne (daughter, 24) is: my real favorite, roni, roni mac and cheese, dodo, doopy, hot stuff, toots, sleepy-head, and auntie dodo
Kyra Nicole (daughter, 21, married to Aaron and mother to Ian) is: my real favorite, kiki, not fred, peter pan girl, ki, keez, keeks, keekers, keekster, keezlemeister, middle child of mine, darling, angel, kat, mommy and mama
Casey Jaclyn (daughter, 17) is: my real favorite, head dictator-tot of the loonyverse, lil mama, mini mommy, ddddiva jr, mommy clone, ceejers, lu, lubug, lululadybug, bugaboo, dahlink, casey jack-o-lantern, little actress, vain shallow stuck up snot and auntie casey
Devon Janelle (daughter, 14) is: my real favorite, dj, dev, devster, devii, deviikins, the fididdler, genius, cook, cookie, quidnunc, sweet hound, captain destructo, chocolate fiend, sugar junkie, smarty-pants, grammer police, rennie, serenity, doops, doopsiekins, doopsiepoopsiekins, bestest bud, sweetie, sweetie-pie and auntie devon
Ian (grandson, 19 months) is: E, E-man, E-dude, little man, love of my life, monkey boy, moose baby, TROUBLE and little mess
Aaron (son-in-law) is: Aar, fanboy, dada, daddy, and son-in-law of mine
Lady (dog 1) is: la, fatso, chubs, fat la la, the queen
Cinnamon (dog 2) is: cin, cinnaminibuns, min, mindy, minabel, minders, miss priss, prissy paws, cinderella and minarella.
Traveler (dog 3, Cinnamon's daughter) is: ick, icky, icky licky, kitty, chunkers, chunky monkey, kit, kitkat, batcat, baby goatly and doatly.
(dog 4 - not really sure what his given name is, it depends on who you ask and what they recall at the time) is: brother, dude, doofus, did, dids, diddy, diddle, squirt, squirtle and pansy paws
Groucho (dog 5) is: grouch, grouchy, baby, foo-bar, fuzzball, babykins, furball, fluffball, hairball, the little munchkin and mr barky von schnauzer
There are some common names and we all answer to: dude (the inflection depends on who we are talking to or about, like dawn is duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude, dev is duuuude and anywhere in between. The girls and I all answer to hey cutie or hey cute one, brat, dork or doofus.
Everyone else is darling, honey, sweetheart, pretty lady, hey handsome, hiya sexy, gorgeous or the like if we know and like you, your given or formal name if we don't. Oh, except for the girls friends. They are all called my real favorite. Except for Darcy. She is mama's really real real favorite because she sucks up the best.
I'll never understand people who get all bent out of shape when you use nicknames. I know some people think that it means you are a player and can't be bothered to remember names, but honestly in our case at least it is used affectionately as in I care enough about you to use a term of endearment. To each their own, I guess.
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