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You can't go anywhere without being aware that people are struggling in today's economy. It is getting harder and harder as prices keep rising to get the most value for our dollar. People are looking for ways to make extra money or wondering how they are going to have enough to afford the basics let alone the extras.
Like many of you, I want nice things for my family, and I have found a way to get some that cost me nothing but a little bit of time. In addition to entering contests and sweepstakes as mentioned in a previous post, I put my computer time to work for me doing various things to get points and prizes, and you can too.
If you have ever used a search engine, you know how simple it is to type in a word and have
access to the information you were looking for- and many times way more than you ever dreamed of. Well, due to the intense competition, you can actually sign up to win prizes for every search you do? Each one is different but they all offer a chance to win with every search you do up to a certain amount each day. If your friends and family join using your unique link, if they win a prize, you win the same thing. I also take surveys for cash or entries into contests sometimes both. I have gotten to test and review several products, including many before they became available to the general public. It's great to have an influence on the new products companies are offering.
Here are some of the programs I use and have either personally received my rewards or my family or close friends have, so you can be assured they are legitimate. All of these programs are free to use and give you a chance to get something for the things you already do online.
ChaCha - This is so cool. When you become a ChaCha guide you get paid to look up the answers to the questions people text in. The people I know who are doing it average from $8.50 to $10 per hour for actual time spent answering the questions. You need to be 18 or over and a resident of the United States. There are a couple of easy tests to take and then you are all set to begin earning money at your own convenience. Wanna ChaCha with me?
My Survey - I love My Survey. You get an entry into a $10,000 sweep just for joining, entries for logging in each day, chance to win Reward Points for taking the first survey, chance to win a survey completion bonus with each survey you complete, earn points for each survey you take or new referral. The surveys are very short and easy, and if you meet a certain demographic you will get invited to take a longer survey for additional points. You can redeem your points for cash, donate to charity or entries into various sweepstakes. I have done all three.
Blingo - You have to be a Resident of the United States and at least 13 years old. In addition to having a chance to win anything from $5 Gift Codes to high-end electronics for up to 25 searches per day, you also get an entry in to the Publisher's Clearing House SuperPrize sweepstakes for the first search you do every day.
Winzy - You have to be a Resident of the United States, United Kingdom or Canada and at least 13 years old. In addition to having a chance to win instantly, you earn points for entries into a monthly drawing. Currently the prize is $1,000. If you place a Winzy banner on your website or in your e-mail signature, each unique view earns you points.
Lucky Search - You have to be a Resident of the United States, United Kingdom or Canada and at least 13 years old. During searches you will periodically receive points which can be redeemed immediately or saved up for larger prizes.
Swag Bucks - You have to be a Resident of the United States, United Kingdom or Canada and at least 13 years old. Instead of winning prizes instantly, you can periodically win Swag Bucks, which you redeem for prizes including gift cards, Itunes and electronics. There is also a program to get Swag Bucks for your old cell phone, which I think is kind of neat- help the environment and get something in return.
IWon - You have to be a Resident of the United States or its territories except for Puerto Rico, or Canada except for Quebec. Each search earns you points, which you can use for entries into various contests including a yearly $1,000,000. one as well as a chance to win instantly. You also get a free daily chance on a lottery ticket for $50,000. and 20 spins on a prize wheel and 20 spins on a jackpot machine that each have prizes and points that you can win.
There are also a lot of games that you can play and instead of just killing time, you get points to put towards entries into daily, weekly, monthly or yearly drawings, spins to win instantly and occasionally a chance at a scratch off ticket to win instantly.
I don't recommend this if you have dial up as it is flash intensive, but with a decent connection it is a chance to win cash or prizes.
You won't get rich with these programs, but you can win some very nice things. The gift cards are especially nice for birthdays and Holidays.
MyPoints - You have to be 18 or older and residing in the United States or Canada. You get points for reading and clicking the link in the email. If you respond to an offer (many free) you get even more points. You also get points for searches, taking surveys, playing games, shopping and more. The points can be redeemed for a variety of gift cards.
Ad Perk - Basically you watch videos and get points that you can put towards rewards. I have gotten 3 magazine subscriptions for free so far, not bad for a little over an hour.

All of these programs are extremely easy to use and self-explanatory. I don't do them all every day, but when I have a little extra time it takes very little effort and since my kids are at an age where they want things like Ipods and video games that are pretty spendy this is one way for me to get them without putting a dent into our budget. Give them a try- the worst thing that can happen is you don't happen to enjoy them and you quit. You never know, you just may get lucky with me.
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