I've Got Dibs

Is my family the only crazy one out there or do you all put up with the I call dibs for like every dang thing too? Sheesh.

It is one thing to call dibs on riding in the front seat, who gets the bigger piece or who is player one on the Wii, but quite another to dib your mother. Seriously, the head dictator-tot actually dibbed me. And not just called dibs but got out a Sharpie and wrote Property of The Little Middle- me! on my right hand. Still mine! on the left.

At least they make the permanent markers in pretty colors nowadays and she wrote it in teal.

Naturally the youngest had to come cross it out and write the little one. I ask you, is nothing sacred?
Less than 3 days into summer vacation and we've resorted to this.

Oh well, I guess it is to be expected by children who use rock paper scissors to make all of their most important decisions when more than one of them is involved. I kid you not.

When they are alone they usually end up with a heads I do this, tails I don't after an arduous debate with themselves so I shouldn't be surprised.

Kids these days, I tell ya. Whatcha gonna do? Can't live with them, can't sell them to the gypsies.

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