I can't possibly be this old. Happy father's day.

We went to a graduation party last night for our niece- she wasn't even 10 yet when we moved here. Kids grow up so fast on you when you aren't looking, and sometimes even when you are. It was a really nice party, a shrimp boil with a good part of the family and Jen's friends there. Ian was a pistol, like always. Rough and tumble. They had a really neat playground with a couple of slides and swings- he and Grandpa Ken had a blast- one of the swings is shaped like a car and he loved it. They also had a Little Tikes coupe car that he really enjoyed. And a ball. Ian's favorite thing is to throw around a ball, so he was in little boy heaven. They came back here after the party, and we thought after all that hard work playing he'd conk right out, but it just wasn't happening. I think he got through all of 101 Dalmatians and part of Lilo and Stitch 2 before he went down hard.
Dawn is now officially a quarter of a century old- her birthday was Thursday. I am not old enough for this. Seriously. And definitely not mature enough. I know how lame it is to say it seems like only yesterday, but sometimes it does.
So today is Father's Day. I have to be thankful to the ex- without him my girls would not be who they are. Even though we're not together, and we have our issues, mostly about late and non-existent child support any more, I am grateful we can be decent to each other for the girls. Mostly, though, I have to give big kudos to Ken. I went into the hospital within days of getting married this second time and he really stepped up to the plate. Taking care of everything those girls needed when I couldn't do it myself. Making sure they had everything they needed, even through 4 years of no child support except for a tiny bit.
Putting the girls on his insurance, even though the divorce papers say the ex has to. Paying all the deductibles and co-pays even though the ex is supposed to pay half of those as well.
Whenever we express our gratitude, hubby is like you're my girls why wouldn't I? So while I might not have picked out father of the year to be their sperm-donor, I sure did good the next round.
He runs them to their things, buys them pretty much whatever they want when he can afford it, went from having peace and quiet and all kinds of savings and stocks and a retirement plan to mountains of medical bills, a gaggle of giggly girls, and 5 dogs to round things out.
And for some strange reason he thinks he got the good end of the deal. 5 for the price of one as he calls it.
We are actually doing a lot better, and the ex has said he'd start to get caught up starting in July, so that will be nice. Maybe Ken can start to build back up his nest egg. I wouldn't even mind that the ex is now late or only making partial payments so much except he either tells me these elaborate stories that no one could possibly believe or avoids any attempt at communication so I can't make alternate plans to make sure the money (that is supposed to be automatically deposited) is there to pay the bills.
Thank God DH is great with money. He likes to say that we have a great system- he makes the money and I spend it and I am much better at my job than he is. Which, I can shop with the best of them, so that part is true. But we always have the bills paid first, and we can get what we need and a lot of what we want.
He is happily surrounded by his girls today, had a couple of his favorite meals and they are watching movies together since most of us are down with some nasty, nasty stomach bug. So, laying around like slugs and just being together is our celebration.
All you fathers out there, and father figures, and you mothers who have to be both mother and father- Happy Father's Day to you!!! I hope you are surrounded by those you love on your special day.
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