Disney Our Way - Day 5

We were a little bummed to be leaving, actually if given a choice we would LIVE at Disney World. But. We still had some exploring to do, some presents to buy and food to try. Check out is supposed to be easy from the resorts, they handle your luggage and hold on to your carry-ons if you have time to kill. Just show up 3 hours before your flight to catch the bus to the airport. Unfortunately for us, something was wrong with the computer or program or something and it took quite some doing to get everything situated. It worked out, though, as things have a way of doing and we split up in two groups.
The youngest and oldest came with me to Epcot and the others were planning on going to Animal Kingdom, but ended up in Epcot as well since it worked out that they would have barely gotten there then had to turn around to make it to the airport in time.
Half our time was spent looking for a working ATM and the rest buying things. The two gift shops we tried had sections that included gifts for under $10. so that was good, made it a little easier than looking through everything.
The other thing we did was hit Italy in the World Showcase and got gelatto- I don't think it was anywhere near as good as people were raving about and we tried a couple of different flavors. Also tried a cannoli. Okay but again not worth the raves. Maybe this is because I grew up in New York and New Jersey and I am used to something different, but my girls who had never had either before weren't overly impressed either. And the little sweet monger was MOST looking forward to the gelatto as she heard on the Food Network that it has twice the sugar of ice cream. That about did us in so we went on our last ferry ride back to the boardwalk.
Went in to the gift shop there and got a few last minute things, the most important being some more of those chocolate covered coconut Mickeys. I really should see if I can get some online and how expensive the shipping is to surprise my little clone with them for her birthday. If they could even be shipped in the summer. Anyhoozle...
Picked up our carry-ons then headed out. Ate at the airport, nothing spectacular. The trip home was not as smooth or uneventful as the one going to Orlando, but we eventually made it home safe and sound.
Ken and the dogs were really happy to see us and vice versa but we were beat so pretty much crashed and burned.
Did I mention that we LOVE Disney and want to stay forever? If they ever want to have a test family move there and rate the different attractions for the different age groups, we are so up to the task. Hear that Disney peeps? Pick us, pick us!!!
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