Disney Our Way - Day 4

This was one of our more interesting days at Disney. Rainy and a bit chilly. First things first- to frantic phone call to lost and found to see if anyone found our camera. YIPPEE!!! Amazingly enough it was turned in and so off we trudge to get that. Another monorail ride to the terminal thingy to get that. It was on the opposite side from where we thought/were told soooooo long wet run.
Back to the Magic Kingdom for Ian's first haircut. Wow was that fun. Had a bit of a wait, but it was so worth it. Two little boys were getting their cuts ahead of us- a bit older, maybe 4 to 6. After cutting they sprayed a neon Mickey on the back of head and also colored the front then sprayed and sprinkled with magic Mickey glitter over it all. Totally cool. Since it was the first haircut ever for the little man, and probably due to his age he got a cut, a pair of Mickey ears, keepsakes- lock of hair, glitter, I think a certificate, I forget really. All of that for maybe $14 dollars. Since the barber was so fabulous with the kids we gave him a $20 and went on our way.
After that it was MY choice, so off to Downtown Disney. I had heard of a shop that all the souvenirs were $10 and under and since I had over 20 nieces and nephews of the under 12 variety to pick things up for off we went. I think we took a bus there. First thing we saw- a Christmas shop. Totally way cool. Dropped some $$ there, some for us, and an adorable snowman Mickey ornament that is perfect for my wonderful mother-in-law as she collects snowmen.
Next stop- Goofy's candy store. Sweet tooth youngest daughter aka sweethound, and Bill's youngest racked up over $60 getting their little baggies filled. We were going to eat at the Rainforest cafe, but then Bill and my nieces needed to leave- work and school and whatnot. Also, my brother was getting dizzy- he gets that sometimes and they haven't figured out what causes it so better he be home and rest. It was so good to see them, though. My favorite part of the trip was seeing them as we had not seen each other in 10 years. Yes, I know, but when I lived in Florida he was in Jersey, now that he's there I am here in Arkansas, aka middle of no-freaking-where.
Split up and wandered in and out of the shops- had a really good time laughing with the girls, cutting up and amusing ourselves. Met up at Ghiradelli and almost cried because the soda fountain part was closed for repairs or upgrades or something. Naturally, the girls and I pouted adorably but for some reason or other it didn't magically open for us. The free sample in the gift shop helped a little and did exactly what it was supposed to and tempted us into buying a couple of bags to bring home. Great marketing strategy.
Moseyed and meandered around and looked for somewhere to eat dinner. Finally settled on seeing if Planet Hollywood could squeeze us in so walked to that end... Pleasure Island I think it is called. Lucky for us they could. We had a wait, though and by this time were starving as we had just picked up little snacks for breakfast. A couple of the kids wandered to hunt up a kiosk and see what they could find and came back with some pretzels. I had the plain, but am told the pepperoni is particularly good. It is a toss up for us whether this or the luau was our favorite restaurant/meal that we had at Disney. The food- some was really good, especially the bruschetta appetizer, and some was only okay. But. This is our kind of place. Totally rockin' and it was really trippy to see all of the memorabilia. We danced our way up the stairs and across to our table and gawked like tourists. We had Ian headbanging and laughing so hard and made quite the spectacle. Some people look at us a little oddly sometimes, but the way I figure it, why not squeeze as much joy out of the moment as you can. Life is made up of moments so... make every moment count.
Had to stop in the gift shop there as well for the sparkly T-shirts for the mini-diva's. Walked back across downtown Disney and hit a gift shop, but never did run across the $10 and under one. Found some things we *had* to have, a very cool Mickey throw for one of my best friends and a magical pen for mama. Lucky for us it does not shut down at 9 like the other parks.
They were pumping music out of some of the clubs so the girls and I literally danced and spun and sang our way back to the entrance and went back to the boardwalk. Found out that Magic Kingdom was open til 3 am for resort guests so you know on our last night there we were not going to pass that up. Grandpa very kindly offered to take Ian back to their room and get him to sleep so the rest of us didn't have to worry about keeping him up so late or dealing with him if he got fussy so we gladly took him up on that and hopped onto the magic bus....

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