Disney Our Way - Day 4 1/2

Back on bus we headed back to Magic Kingdom with a bunch of other diehards and had quite the good time. Giddy and in excellent spirits we (along with most of the bus) sang Disney songs and had some fun. We had a GREAT bus driver. A challenge was issued (wonder who had that brilliant idea) to all takers to get off the bus and walk to the entrance doing the Man-walk from Mulan. All of us and several others were up to the challenge. We had many, many looks from those leaving the park as we entered since only resort guests could stay. Lighten up, people. We aren't hurting anyone.
It is still cold so we decided to skip Splash Mountain and went waaaaaaaaaaay over to Space Mountain. The workers were letting some of the people in line hula hoop for fast passes, although to be honest the regular line was moving right along and not a bad wait at all. We went twice. I really loved this ride, every one of us did. So much, in fact, that we got right back in line to ride again, with only a quick run to a little kiosk to pick up a spinning light up Tinkerbell and I think a hat. The Tink was fun, we loved it and got our money's worth since we are goofballs like that, but I will admit that was our only casualty when we got home. She had lost her wings. After a day or so of playing, her body was in 3 pieces. They reattach, but it is not the same without her wings so we gave it to the E-meister to play with.
Brave souls that we are, we decided to tackle Splash Mountain. Walked back to Main Street to find a store still open- some were, some weren't since it was after hours. Bought enough Rain Ponchos for all of us and trucked back over to get in line. Uhh NO line. Another really good ride. The animatronics are kind of lame but it is fun and wet. I tucked my sleeves and everything and got that poncho as closed as I could and lifted my feet up but the kids didn't think to do it and I didn't think to tell them because I assumed they would. Icy cold, but nobody wanted to get off so we got to stay in and ride again. The couple behind us elected to do the same and kept up a running commentary on the adult antics inferred by the positions of the puppets. And now I will never be able to go on Splash Mountain without thinking of that again.
Over to Thunder Mountain- didn't think it was the best ride ever, and I would not have wanted to wait an hour and a half for it, to me it wasn't that great, but since we had a short wait it was decent.
4 of them headed to the other rides and such since Aaron wanted the teacups and Dawn and I went BACK to Main to find a Jacket since she hadn't brought one- they were $50 and up, a pretty nice quality- not the kind of Disney things you find in discount stores. Got that and a few other goodies and went to find the troops.

Wanted coffee but settled for a cold drink since we learned our lesson by now. Found the kids over by the teacups - there were a lot of characters roaming around and taking pics. The two littles went on the Dumbo ride and Deviikins even got to ride with Goofy!!! Yes, score!!!
Messed around til closing then back across the park- singing and skipping all the way to the entrance and our ride home.
We were wired, but showered and the girls got to sleep. I got as much of the packing done as I could and finally crashed for a couple of hours myself.
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