Disney Our Way - Day 3

Aaron and his dad took off early to catch a few rides and the rest of us waited for my brother and two nieces and they wanted to treat us so we went to a really, really good breakfast at Spoodles, the restaurant right outside of our hotel on the boardwalk. Since we hadn't made reservations in advance they gave us a pager and the wait wasn't long at all, maybe 20 minutes, tops. The food was excellent. The juices were so fresh and the grapefruit especially was so naturally sweet, even my girls that hate it loved mine even more than their own juices. We all had different things and everything was delicious except the coffee. We had a little gabfest, really enjoyed a leisurely meal.
Took the infamous ferry to the Magic Kingdom and met up with the boys then went to the Nemo thing for our next adventure. Oops, shoulda checked better- we had to meet them at the front gate. Luckily we were there in enough time that I was able to get them to let my nieces go in my place- they couldn't over the phone because of their ages and needing a guardian and whatnot. Anyways, Ian, his grandpa, my brother and I went into the aquarium while the kids enjoyed absolutely the funnest most wonderful thing Disney has to offer- snorkeling in the coral reef.
They had a tour and lecture and then suited up in wetsuits and got to swim right in with the stingrays and sharks. They did have to stay above a certain level, and they had fed the fish about 30 minutes before they got in so they weren't hungry... good for them, bad for the pics as the water got very cloudy after the feeding.
There were some giant turtles that kept swimming by Ian, and stingrays, that he just loved. He got a bit bored waiting, but he's very young and we let him run around a little and he was very good, all things considered. Actually I got a bit bored too, it was a couple hours. *s* The best time ever, though, I am told if you are the one who gets to go snorkeling. Every one of them chose that as THE VERY BEST PART of the vacation. They even threw in t-shirts and buttons.
After they were done we went to a fancy schmancy restaurant that was very disappointing that Kyra had read good reviews from and made a reservation. Very mediocre sandwiches and salads I could have gotten in most any diner in America. Reubens, cheesteaks, burgers and the like. The one cool thing was that I got a glow in the dark clip on Tinkerbell on my straw since I ordered the drink it came with. I think a raspberry lemonade, which I usually like but didn't care for there.
After that we split up because blondie's friend went with her school and was giving a concert at a diner there. Unfortunately, some of the kids tried pulling something and the whole band had to leave the park and go back to their hotel, so we left and the kids with us did the go kart things across the way.
We met back up and wandered down Main Street, found the first-aid / changing station because when you are a teenager and you swim in a wetsuit, your deodorant wears off. Luckily we could get some there instead of going back to the hotel. Went through the tree house and got some pineapple whips... those are really good. We were going to have that and some fresh pineapple spears, but they ran out of the fresh fruit after they took our money so they gave us extra whips. We got the small and they still melted quickly.
We went to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride- that was a blast. The line was long but not really that bad. We snapped a few pics of the kids among the memorabilia along the way and they kept amusing themselves. Ian cracked us all up doing his little aarrggh yo ho ho pirate sounds.
Girls entertained one of the workers bouncing and hamming it up... he was just going on shift and happened to be the one seating us and started bouncing and had us all bounce to our boat. Good, clean, silly fun that hurts no-one and makes waiting tolerable. That was very cool too. Another worthwhile wait. Disney sure knows how to put on a show. Naturally we spent a nice chunk of change in the gift shop. HUGE JOHNNY DEPP FANS here!
We debated staying but the park had extended hours til midnight and only guests of the resorts can stay, which my brother and nieces didn't have resort cards, so we split up- grandpa taking Ian back to their room, my brother, I, the two littles and the nieces went to hang out on the boardwalk. They have a really cool thing on the boardwalk- many passenger bicycles. After the E-dude and grandpa went up we rented one. Okay, this WOULD have been fun were people not ignorant and rude. Seriously, hello, ring the bell means coming through, please move. NOPE. Stood there like dolts. Eventually we got moving, of course, but having to slow down for people who have no common courtesy whatsoever did get a bit annoying. It was pretty funny though we accidentally took the wrong path- kept going instead of turning and OOPS time to turn around and we couldn't get up the hill- bro had to get out and push, literally. One of those things that is a lot funnier when you hear it than when you are the one stuck there. LOLOL
Funnest thing on the boardwalk- there are a couple of bars on one side. Well, obviously we couldn't go in with the kids. They were pumping out the music and there were bubble machines and hula hoops. We had an absolute blast.
Nieces wanted to play some games so we walked to the other end of the boardwalk to the ESPN place and loaded them up cards to play games. Shut the video game part down then back to the hotel. Ordered another couple pizzas and went out onto the balcony with brother. Girls went down to the pool and had some fun there. They especially enjoyed the hot tub. Everyone got to do what they wanted so all were happy. Pizza was once more really good and Bill and I had a nice little chatter. When the girls came back they had to leave to take care of the dog and had an hour to drive so started the winding down process.
Unfortunately, there were only a few pieces of pizza left, the kids who stayed at the park only had a light snack and room service closed at midnight. If I had known I would have ordered an extra for the son-in-law, but I didn't so they had to make do with snacks.
Settling down and showers, then sleep. By then we really needed it. Disney is a lot of things and as previously mentioned, one of them is exhausting.
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