Disney Our Way - Day 2

Stitch called to wake us up and we got up and busy getting ready for our day. My brother, one of my nieces and a friend of hers met us at the hotel and we took another ferry to Hollywood Studios. Part of the prize was an 8 hour vip guide for one of the parks- for us, it was Hollywood Studios. Let me tell you, vip treatment is amazing at Disney. Our guide was Vanessa, an absolute doll. She took all of our ages and interests into consideration and made sure there was something for everyone. The thing the girls and I remarked on later was that she never seemed like she was in a hurry but we were really moving. Just walking in the streets is fun, a lot to look at, but since we hadn't eaten we went to the commissary and had a quick breakfast. Nothing special, but the fruit was good. OH, biggie- the coffee is LOUSY. What they gave you in the room and every restaurant we had it in and all of the stands. Bring some of your own to make in the hotel if possible and bring or buy a refillable mug. We are serious coffee drinkers here and none of us could handle it. YUCK.

The girls all got their pics taken with Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable and they enjoyed that.
Since Dawn's BF really loves that show, that was nice. I am going to mess this up, and I know if the kids see this they will say gosh mom that old timers is really creeping up on you, but really it is because I waited so dang long to write about it, so I'll just write about some of the highlights I remember, in no particular order. Tower of Terror- WONDERFUL, FABULOUS, AMAZING, one of our very favorite things at Disney. We *had* to get a pic on the way out, with frame of course.

Stunt car show- The mini diva little middle wanted this, but all of us were really in awe. They were doing scenes from an upcoming movie and it was really fun, they even brought out Herbie.

We had VIP seating dead center up in the shade, really nice. A lot more exciting than we expected.

Star tours- the star wars thingy, that was fun.

Rock n' Roller Coaster- Fun rocking out to Aerosmith's Dude Looks Like a Lady. The ride itself was short, but very enjoyable
Beauty and the Beast Stage Show- Wicked good. The entertainers before the play were fabulous, son-in-law meant to get their cd from the gift shop on the way out but we had to get stroller and Vanessa had us moving right along and he forgot.

Muppet 3-D- That was crazy awesome. Lunch at Pizza Planet, like in Toy Story- nothing spectacular, didn't like it as well as the hotel delivery. The kids had fun playing the arcade games though and my brother and I caught up a bit. Ian liked all the noise and action. They had a movie tour ride that was really, really fun. The head dictator-tot little middle loved this the most. The studio lot tour was interesting too. If you are the first family in line of the next batch you may get invited to participate.
Seeing things like the ship used in the Navigator was a blast from the past for my oldest. The first time she saw that she was 4 and asked me if she could go on it and I told her if they came and asked her she could and packed her a lunch... she sat at the window for quite a while waiting and calling, but alas it wasn't meant to be.

We had prime seating for everything and Vanessa got all of our fast passes- anyone can get free fast passes for ONE ride per ticket, then after it is used you can get another fast pass. If you don't have a guide, I would suggest getting a fast pass for one of the most popular rides, going quickly to the next favorite on your list, riding that then using your fastpass within the allotted times. Repeat as time and inclination allow. Vanessa watched Ian while we rode, but another neat thing they do- if a family has kid(s) too young to ride, they will let whoever stays back get in the front of line once the others are back so no one misses out. Our tour lasted longer than the 8 hours, but we had to get back to the hotel and change for our dinner reservations.
We went to the Polynesian for the Luau. Here again our concierges were amazing- we only had tickets for 8 and with my brother and niece needed 11. They were sold out so the concierges told us- go, show up and tell them that you have 11 in your party and give your name and if there is any way they will get you in. Well it took some doing and we had to split up but we ALL got great seats and they just charged my room card for 2 extra since Ian is under two and technically could eat free.

I had read reviews about how hokey it is and whatnot, and maybe if you are expecting an authentic Hawaiian luau you would be disappointed, but it was delightful for us. The bread was out of this world outstanding, and the salad. The ribs were very good, chicken pretty good, vegs just vegs. Dessert was these little individual choco berry lava thingies.... not sure. While they weren't the best chocolate we have ever had, they were definitely edible. It was kind of hokey, but really entertaining, especially the fire twirler.
Everyone got those cheesy plastic leis- I ended up wearing one on my princess ears- I of course got the sparkly Minny ones with the multi-colored silky stuff trailing. One as a necklace, one on each wrist and one on each ankle. I am pretty sure there were several people who thought I had imbibed a wee bit as beer and wine were included in the dinner and you could purchase other adult beverages. None were needed, high on life and Pixie Dust!!! We took the monorail and that was fun as well. Little known fact- 4 people can sit up front with the conductor so the two littles and the niece and her friend did that and got little co-pilot cards. Then got off and got another ferry back to the boardwalk- singing Disney Songs and making fools of ourselves as per usual. Another late night so we decided to turn in. Sat on the balcony and watched the nightlife for a while- we particularly enjoyed seeing the old timey organ bike rider- that had been sitting in our hotel before then. Need to take a cookie making break before the kids revolt, so I'll end here for now. Part 3 to come.
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