Baking With The Blonde, Tree Frogs

Well, the blonde and I decided we weren't sick enough to be super slugs all day again so we decided to bake. Yes, in this gazillion degree heat- we have issues. Well, actually pretty sure we have lifetime subscriptions.
Anyways, my Japanese wannabe found a recipe for Melon pan- supposedly there are a gazillion recipes and most screw it up the first time because it is kinda like a roll with a cookie on top and getting the cooking time right without overcooking one and under cooking the other is fairly difficult.
We tried a simple recipe- it was nothing spectacular so I won't be posting a link to it, but I can tell you that if you make it, when they say make walnut sized balls they mean it. We thought it was kind of like my uber special cookies and bigger you know is definitely better... not really with this, I think you don't get as many crispy good edges. (Actually, she saw an anime and the character was eating fist sized melon pan and raving so bugaboo wanted that too.)
Also, the bottoms get browned before the tops- instead of overcooking the bottoms we turned the oven off and let them sit there in the heat and that cooked them through so that part was good.
It takes a lot of time, and while I used to love making bread, with my wrists now I was ever so very grateful for my Kitchen Aid Pro Mixer. That baby did its job and did it well.
It is fairly addicting, but plain, we'll try it again but we will definitely try one of the recipes with some more flavors added, and perhaps the pudding. For a first attempt, not so bad.
Oh, the recipe we tried called for making up the topping (cookie part) while the dough rose and putting it in the fridge. Bad idea. It was hard as a brick then crumbled apart so we ending up dividing it up and smooshing it with our hands. Worked but I found some other recipes and most have you make that part just before baking. Definitely we will do that next time.
Now when I say we made it I am using the royal we. Blondie and the kitchen do not mix well at all. Seriously. This is the girl who burned up the microwave popcorn- not a few burned kernels, but a where's the baking soda fire not once, but twice. We were sure that she did it wrong so we watched what she pushed she did it again, exactly how she was supposed to, and still it caught fire. Lest you think it was a defective batch, we always got the value packs of 15 or 24 and all the rest cooked perfectly. This was before we knew the bags leached all kinds of evil into our systems of course... now we use our super cute Hello Kitty popper.
Okay, so blonde + microwave = big no-no. Fair enough, I have things I am less than skilled at. Making some goodies for her friends (we always have a list of treats they want homemade for the holidays) I asked her to preheat the oven. Period. That is all she did, I watched her. Maybe 3 minutes later, BIG OLD POP. She blew the freaking thing up. Yes, the whole oven. Too late now trip to Lowe's in the morning to order a new one blew it up. Fire in there, too.
So now her job- since she is forever volunteering me to make things- is to sit there and look cute. Maybe hand me something now and then, but only if I have plenty to spare.
She has declared she will wait til she can afford to eat out every meal before she moves out. Probably not a bad decision. It would be hysterical if it wasn't so pathetic... and costly.
Being in the kitchen made me think of our little visitors. We have 3 little tree frogs that come on the window above the sink each night. Not so little any more. We keep the kitchen light on all the time since we have erratic hours with Ken working second shift and of course the bugs are drawn to the window the froggies like that.
Goofy little fellows hang onto that window and then gorge themselves. If you happen to be there when they stuff themselves a little too much you can watch them slide down and lose their grip because they are too dang fat now to hold themselves up. Last night one did a back flip into a tree branch trying to hang on and kept reaching reaching and flipperoo. Really funny to watch.
I actually collect frogs- err not real ones, way too icky boy for me, but my gramma had them and it makes me happy to remember her and have some cute ones around. I don't mind the little tree frogs on my window though, anything that will get rid of bugs can't be all bad.
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