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This is a PR friendly blog.  We welcome product review and giveaway requests that fit our blog.  You can email us at ourloonyverse at gmail dot com with all questions and /or requests.

I am Sherry, a mom and Gigi (grandma) with over a quarter of a century of on the job experience.  I blog with my 4 daughters and we offer something unique among the blogging community in that we're not just another mom/parenting blog and our diverse ages, interests and areas of expertise cover a lot of ground.

We love trying new things and sharing our experiences with our readers and in addition to our blog we also share on various social networks and in our community.  We list giveaways on several sweepstakes sites as well as linkys.

We will consider anything family friendly:  some of our particular passions include-  shoes, clothes, accessories and make-up, reading, eco-friendly and green products, anything house and home related, cooking and food, coffee, spirituality, movies, anime and manga, gaming, technology, electronics, music, driving, and having fun.  We are around a lot of children including infants and toddlers and have several fairy godchildren and nieces/nephews available for testing purposes as well.

We do not charge a fee for reviewing a product but we do require a non-returnable full size sample.  A minimum of $20 value is required in order for us to list the giveaway on several of the sites we use, so please keep that in mind when inquiring.

We require 2-6 weeks from receipt of a product to post our review.  Blogging is a joy and we put a lot into our reviews and want to give a fair and accurate evaluation so we need ample time.  We don't believe in trying something once claiming it is a miracle product or the best hoojamadingey ever made and doing a rushed appraisal.  If we recommend something, it is because we would use it ourselves or advise our family and friends to.  We pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity and know that our family, friends and readers value our judgment.

Giveaways are not required when we do a review but are highly recommended so that we can reach as large an audience as possible.  If you wish to sponsor a giveaway with no review, we will be happy to offer the item to our readers as long as it fits in with our blog.  Our fee for this service is $20.

Reviews and giveaways will include photos (yours and/or ours) as well as keyword links to your site within the review and information on where to purchase.  Giveaways may include extra entries for signing up for your newsletter and/or interacting with you on various social media websites (twitter, facebook, youtube, pinterest, etc.)

We will mention sales, specials, discounts or promotions as requested if they fit in with the product we are reviewing for you if you send them to us prior to the review going live.  We will email you a link when it is up and running.  We will gladly include a few links for SEO optimization in our review. 

Please do not send the prize for the giveaway.  We will notify you when the giveaway winner has been chosen & you can send the prize directly to them. We will not be responsible for mailing prizes to winners unless we have specifically come to that agreement.


To discuss placing a button, banner, link or other form of advertising, please contact us.


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