Eating to lose weight

Here's where we'll link all of our posts regarding the eating to lose weight plan.  Everything from the plan to recipes to menus to what I actually ate and how I am doing.  I love company, so feel free to join me on my journey to better health (and better fitting clothes) or just offer support, advice or encouragement.

I am doing my own eating plan, loosely based on the fat burning soup diet and the UDDD diet along with moving more in general.  To read about my plan and why I am doing it this way, see here.

I studied fitness and nutrition and have a piece of paper that says so, but I am not a registered dietitian, nutritionist or doctor, so use your own judgment and consult a professional before starting this or any diet, eating or exercise plan.

Believe it or not, it takes a lot of guts for me to do something like this publicly-  I know I will have days that are better than others and I hate not being perfect.  I don't mind posting my flaws, or making fun of myself, but its usually after the fact and this time I am taking you right along with me for all the ups and downs.

I'm providing both my menu plan and a daily diary because I want to show you that even though I veer off from course at times, I am still losing, not beating myself up, and most importantly, the plan adjusts with you, so I swap my days around or eat something not on the menu and it's okay, it's still working.  

I'm a lot more concerned with how I look and feel than what the scale says, so that will be my focus and I will keep you up to speed on if what I am doing is working, but I'll probably tell you how much I've lost when it is significant amount-  and surely by vacation time I'll let you know if I made goal.

Eating to lose weight - the plan
Eating to lose weight - week 1 menu
Eating to lose weight - week 2 menu
Eating to lose weight - week 3 menu

Losing it - Day 1
Losing it - Day 2
Losing it - Day 3
Losing it - Day 4
Losing it - Day  5
Losing it - Day 6
Losing it - Day 7
Losing it - Day 8
Losing it - Day 9
Losing it - Day 10
Losing it - Day 11
Losing it - Day 12
Losing it - Day 13
Losing it - Day 14
Losing it - Day 15
Losing it- Day 16
Losing it - Day 17
Losing it - Day 18
Losing it - Day 19
Losing it - Day 20
Losing it - Day 21

Tomato based fat burning soup recipe
Chicken based fat burning soup recipe
Chicken based fat burning soup recipe 2 - crockpot
Beef based fat burning soup recipe
Vegetarian based fat burning soup recipe
Fruit & chicken dinner salad recipe
Southwest dinner salad recipe (lower fat version)
 Lightened up tuna salad sandwich
Refreshing berry salad
Oven baked chicken parmesan
Celebrate spring salad
Pineapple salad
Avocado salad
Light & Easy Chinese chicken salad
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