about us

This is our family blog and we are thrilled you've come to visit.  We are an extremely opinionated, diverse and eclectic bunch with many irons in the fire.  We aren't your typical Leave It To Beaver family - more like a cross between The Ricardo's  (Lucy), and the Conner's (Roseanne).  

We'll be sharing some of our interests, passions and the random things we come across and find interesting, as well as our favorite recipes, memories, crafts, how-tos, photos and of course our epic fails.  Hopefully, something for everyone.

Sherry -  Head dictator of the Loonyverse. Queen Java Junkie.

Married mom to 4 daughters and 5 dogs, Gigi to 1 grandson and his demon kitty, loves to cook, bake, craft, design and decorate, has itchy feet (loves to travel) and most of all have fun.

Dawn - Must. Be. Plugged. In.

Gamer; writer; international traveler; student.

Kyra -  Eco-friendly, peace-loving hippy.

Married semi-crunchy earth mama to Ian with another on the way; Pagan, writer; loves cooking and decorating.

Casey - Head dictator-tot of the Loonyverse.

Engaged, college student, lover of all things health, beauty and fashion related, traveling.

Devon - Glammy g'nerd and resident genius.

Currently doing a stint in Americorps, based in Denver, CO; writer; collector of oddities, camera nut; make up junkie; fashionista and shopaholic.

 Ian - Best helper and taste tester extraordinaire.

Adorable redheaded trouble magnet and the love of our lives.
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